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Read this Heart Attack Real life Story and you may save your own life,

Christine, a part-time secretary and homemaker of Albany, Western Australia at age 43 experienced the warning signs of a heart attack, and now wants to warn others who may suffer similar symptoms.

In 2009, Christine experienced shortness of breath during her daily 3km walk and thought it was an asthma attack, however, she realised she wasn’t wheezy and that her Ventolin medication wasn’t fixing it as it usually did.

Christine was referred to a heart specialist by her GP after experiencing heart palpitations and shortness of breath, and after a series of stress tests and a subsequent procedure revealed one of the arteries in Christine’s heart was 80 per cent blocked.

It was a surprised to Christine to discover she had a heart condition that needed treatment, because in addition to her walks with her husband she ate healthily, didn’t cook with oil, rarely drank alcohol and was a non-smoker.

Christine has had a stent installed in the blocked artery via a small cut in the groin which avoided the need for open heart surgery.

“Get checked out straight away and don’t muck around. It is better to be safe than sorry,” the mother-of-four said.

Christine said she had made lifestyle changes since learning about her heart condition. “I had to take it easy for a while, but I’m pretty much back to normal,” Christine said. She walks daily and once a month does a bush walk with her family.

Other lifestyle changes Christine has made include measures to lower stress levels.

“You have to look after yourself more by having time out,” Christine said. “Remember you have a family to care for, so start by caring about yourself first.”

She said high stress levels and a family history of heart disease were two contributing factors in her case. I was worried about my looks rather than my Heart.

“Mum had a heart attack when I was young, and Dad’s got a leaky heart valve,” Christine says. “At first when I found out I had heart disease I was really upset because I didn’t understand much about it, but through the doctors and help from professionals at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital I became aware I need to take more care of my heart.”

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